Monday, April 13, 2009

Mother Rob and Kimberly

This was the funnest week ever! My mom and her good friend Kim came for a surprise visit and it was a blast! They got to spend the week and Easter with us, it was so great having mom's here for Easter! We did so many fun things and I'm so happy they came. I love you mom, your the best!! Kim was so cute and so funny and we were all happy to get to know her. Thanks for coming you two we love you and miss you already!

Cute little Aya

Oh ya know, this is what we do on rainy days

Chinaman's hat


The boys had nothing on our pyramid

Kass plus Garrett = Acro Yoga


Kassidy's friend

Rankest Easter bunny ever

Tiki torches

Banana cake!

These two are pros by now



Easter morning

Baby Dahl in action

Rob and kimber

We luff each other

Surfin at pipe


Kass jumpin the rock at Waimea

There goes Kim!

Gang's all here! (minus a couple)

We were laughing so hard and couldn't get a decent picture

Finally got a normal one!

Friday, April 10, 2009

So we haven't blogged in awhile and I'm not so good at the writing part. I just like the pictures. But we have done some fun things lately! Jill has left us.. we are sad about that. We had a going away party for her and some delicious dinner. Life is not the same without her here. We had a big bbq party at Kahana bay with the Evans, a family we babysit. It was super fun! That night we went to the West side of the Island and went camping. It is kind of sketchy over there for the white people so we went out in the middle of nowhere. We had a fire, the boys caught us some crab and fish for dinner that we cooked, and we made a sauna at the beach... yes a sauna! We woke up in the morning to about a hundred dolphins swimming about 50 yards out in front of us just hanging out and showing off flipping around. There were also two whales out further jumping out of the water slappin their tails. It was amazing!! Only in Hawaii right. Mckalls mom also came out with her friend Kim and surprised us on Monday to stay for Easter! It is so nice to have a little piece of home and have motherly figures around. Katie leaves us tomorrow to go home over Easter weekend and I am missin the fam like crazy. A month left here in paradise. Until the adventures continue....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Life as of lately...

We finally got it down

More acroyoga
DELICIOUS acai bowls
Trying so hard to spell out WOW
Riding in the back of the jeep
Waikiki beach
china mans hat
Nightly kick boxing routine
Hawaii temple is beautiful even under construction

Our first of many attempts to doing acroyoga
Baby kiss me through the phone... one of many music videos
We found this sweet cave

Inside the hot sauna

The sauna
The boys catching dinner

Giant crab we cooked over the fire and had for dinner
Part of the camping crew
BBQ at Kahana Bay with the Evans

You never know what will happen on April Fools
Chase and Chad's friend Megan came to visit!
Just a little ddr action on the BYU campus
Makeovers... we love top model
The dye stained our hands
Getting ready to die McKall's hair yet again!

Hangin out at the bus stop... again

Driving Jilly jilly to the airport
Jills very unexpected goodbye kiss

Jill we love and miss you!
Kenzi and Ash being oh too generous
Partyin in Yota

bbq with the boys
Kenzi and Ashten came to visit!